A message from the Chairman.  Aug 1, 2019

  Hello friends and supporters,  As we approach the fall school year the flight academy is positioned to launch its fall weekend programs for students to learn and participate in some aviation classes designed to teach some basic flying academics and some exciting hands on projects to stimulate the fine engineering minds of our young people.  These classes will be announced near the start of the school year and will be posted on the website. The next thing I would like to talk about is the General Daniel Chappie James bridge initiative.  As you may know by now the new bridge connecting Pensacola to Gulf Breeze (formerly the 3 mile bridge) will be renamed the General Daniel Chappie James Memorial Bridge.  This is a monumental announcement led by the efforts of former Marine Corp Pilot Cris Dosev and his committee.  The citizens of Pensacola have spoken loudly in support of  renaming the new brigdge after General James.  This effort speaks volumes of the new Pensacola and the celebration of an American Patriot who fought proudly for all Americans and represented not only this country proudly but also Pensacola.  The flight academy is honored to be a part of the legacy of General Chappie James and we will represent his legacy in the same manner he served our country.  We look forward to the final stages of the process to formally rename the bridge and will have more information about our participation in future celebrations that are sure to come when this dream becomes a reality..

Cliff Curtis

Academy Director



Registration for the 2020 Summer Aviation Camp will begin on January 1st, 2020.

Please visit the “Events Calendar” section of our website for an Application.

Please look for weekend classes starting in the fall of 2019. We plan to have various classes and program throughout the remainder of 2019. 


Daniel "Chappie" James Jr.


First African American Four Star General of the Air Force.

Fighter Pilot

Birth & Death Date

February 11,1920 - February 25, 1978


Graduate of Tuskegee Institute with a degree in Physical Education.

Place of Birth

Pensacola, FL


"The power of excellence is overwhelming. It is always in demand and nobody cares about its color."

Hey all you kids in Pensacola,  are you interested in learning about aviation.  Ever wondered how planes really fly?  Do you want to expand your knowledge about Science, Engineering, Technology and Math.  The General Daniel Chappie James Flight Academy is for you !!  Please contact us for more information. gdcjfacademy@gmail.com

The 2019 GALA featured many guest. Pictured to the left is former city councilman Cecil Hunter, Flight Academy director Cliff Curtis and Mr. John Gay, president of the Chappie James Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. from Lake City Florida.